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The SBH Webcam is located in Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The stream below is LIVE.

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  1. So glad everything is ok in Sandbridge we were there a little over two weeks ago and try to go every year always have the best time just love it.

  2. I could sit and watch this all day. The only thing that would be better is if it had sound!!! Sandbridge, we will see you in a little over a month!!!

  3. I like the idea of sound added to the web cam portion of this web site!

  4. We left Sandbridge Friday morning at 4:30am. Mandatory evacuation started at noon on Friday. Very sad to HAVE to leave early from our wonderful family vacation, but better to be safe. I hope everyone trying to get out of the Virginia area make it home safe.

  5. HOpe everyone there, and the island, is okay and stays safe. I’m pulling for you Sandbridge

    A frequent visitor

  6. We too left Friday morning in the AM due to the mandatory evacuation. Even though our vacation was cut a little short, it will certainly be rememberable for the earthquake and hurricane. We will be back next year.

  7. Supposed to be getting in right now for a week of R&R. Maybe Monday

  8. We just finished a beach week in Sandbridge (August 19)for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. We are glad to see the storm’s intensity has gone down. Hoping for the best for everyone up there.

  9. Have stayed in Sandbridge many times. Now live in Florida but we are going to be up for the airshow and planning on staying in Sandbridge hopefully. Hope everything is not as bad as it appears it might be.

  10. Robbie, Andi, Chelsea and Olivia Borum 27. Aug, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    we stayed till 10 am Sat 8.27.11 as we had to think about the girls safety. We pray that everyone stays safe on the whole east coast. Just THINK before you act.

  11. trying to get to Sandbridge Dunes on tuesday night. here’s to hoping it’s not underwater!

  12. It’s great to be able to monitor the wind gusts from a distance. Thank you

  13. Hello everyone. I’m going on vacation in Sandbridge in a week from today. Any thoughts on whether this will still be possible. How is Sandbridge holding up. Hope everyone stays safe and sound. Love to all those affected by Irene

  14. This webcam feed is very encouraging. It is 6:00PM and the storm must be right on top of Sandbridge now and things look okay. I am getting hopeful.

  15. Thank you, Pat, for this webcam and for letting us monitor Sandbridge from afar…we are praying that all is well down there and hope to be able to get there this week….

  16. Love the webcam, thanks for keeping it up and running. We’ve been going to Sandbridge for about 30 years now. Just had to leave Friday morning for evacuation. Love it there! Where else can you go and get an earthquake, tornado and hurricane all in the same week ;) Stay safe!!!

  17. I miss the webcam. I love Sandbridge and the Wildlife Refuges and Parks.

  18. We first discovered Sandbridge on our honeymoon 30 years ago. We have returned almost every year since. It holds so much beauty and meaning for us. Thanks so much, Pat, for the webcam. As Gibran said so well, “Does the sound of the sea end at the shore or in the hearts of those who listen to it?” Stay safe and well and enjoy your wonderful community. Thanks for sharing with all of us from afar.

  19. Glad to see the web cam back up! Sitting here in 45 degree rain, the beach looks GREAT!!!!!!

  20. Mike Peterson 23. Oct, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    It has been a while since we visited Sandbridge and this website. What a greatly enhanced live stream for the video ! Thank you, we loved viewing it !

  21. Your welcome!!

  22. Does anyone know what street this is at?

  23. It’s on the north end of Sandfiddler.

  24. where is it? my computer does not show it.

  25. I did and it worked, thanks. Its lookin great.

  26. The Maino Family 28. Oct, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Thanks for sharing the webcam…so great to see what is happening in Sandbridge when we can’t be there…Stay Safe!

  27. I visited VB last year but never got so see this gorgeous beach. Hoping one day I will be able to. Thanks for allowing people to view it through this live feed!

  28. Can’t wait to get there, August can’t get here fast enough. I can set and watch these webcams all day long.

  29. Glad you’re enjoying our webcam view, Vanessa! The summer is already flying by, it’ll be August before you know it. :) Hope you enjoy your visit!

  30. Just back from SB a little over a week ago,miss it already. Such a beautiful jewel of a place. Love love love!

  31. Glad you enjoyed your visit, Shirl!

  32. What happened to the webcam? I get a security thing from US Relay saying this website is not allowed to display this content.

  33. John, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the webcam today. We have our IT professional working on it and hope to have it back up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  34. has the cam been offline?

  35. Hi, Sean. The cam was down a few weeks ago, but is working fine now.

  36. WAYNE DAUGHERTY 07. Nov, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    the cam will not work on sandbridge home page

  37. Wayne,
    Try to refresh the website from your computer. Pat

  38. thanks pat had to make some changes to my computer every thing is great now thank you

  39. Hi! Where exactly is this webcam at?
    I live in Chesapeake and spend a lot of time in Sandbridge (all year long. I want to use your webcam for a webcam game that ties Hampton Roads together.

  40. Hi, Jade. The webcam is located on the north end of Sandfiddler. Can you tell me more about this webcam game? It sounds interesting.

  41. We rent a house in Sandbridge a week in July and 2 weeks in October. I would live there in a second if I could. It is so neat to be able to watch this webcam every day and see what the conditions are down there. We are coming for a week over Easter this year and I can’t wait. This webcam is great for me. I watch it a couple of times a day and sit here in PA and wish I was down there.

  42. Glad you love the webcam so much, Sue! It’s always great to hear positive feedback from visitors. :)

  43. Frances Jo Whitesel 31. Aug, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Love that you have a LIVE webcam set up at the Northern end of Sandfiddler Sandbridge Virginia…I could sit and enjoy watching this all day…calming…relaxing..I just wish you could add the sound of the Atlantic and activity going on around…I could not go down on vacation this year with my husband and family because I stayed behind to care for our one of four kitties who was in the hospital…Even though they were hundreds of miles away I still felt relived that I could visit Sandbridge via this website…. ps Whoever the lady was that graceful straightened out the America flag that was tangled on its flag pole….A big THANK YOU :) =^..^=

  44. Frances, thank you so much for sharing your story of how the webcam brings you joy! We love to hear from the viewers and sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share with us. Sorry you could not make it to the beach this year, hope that you are able to visit next summer!


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